Industrial Flooring

Our diverse range of industrial flooring is tailored for durability and functionality. From the resilient properties that our industrial vinyl flooring offers, to the comfort and sturdiness of our industrial carpet flooring, we cater to diverse business needs. As a leading industrial flooring company, we prioritise quality, offering a spectrum of solutions for manufacturing plants, warehouses, and high-traffic areas. Our expertise lies in seamless installations, ensuring a professional finish that endures heavy use. Elevate your industrial space with our comprehensive range, designed to meet stringent requirements while enhancing safety and productivity.


Industrial Carpet Flooring

Experience the durability and resilience of our industrial carpet flooring which is specifically designed to withstand demanding environments. Our flooring options provide superior quality and are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of a wide variety of settings. With a focus on durability and functionality, our industrial-grade carpets provide excellent wear resistance and easy maintenance. Perfect for warehouses, manufacturing plants, and high-traffic areas, our carpets offer both comfort and durability. Our flooring ensures a professional look while providing enhanced safety and sound absorption.


Industrial Vinyl Flooring

Explore our resilient industrial vinyl flooring, crafted to meet the robust demands of a wide variety of settings. Engineered for durability and practicality, our specialised range offers exceptional strength and easy maintenance. Perfectly suited for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and high-traffic areas, our industrial-grade vinyl flooring ensures longevity and performance. With superior wear resistance and a variety of styles available, our flooring options provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our flooring options are designed to endure heavy use and offer a sleek finish while promoting safety and noise reduction.


Industrial Flooring and Business Use-Cases

PlusFloor's industrial flooring exceeds the demanding requirements of various settings, providing durability, functionality, and style:

  • Manufacturing Plants: Durable flooring solutions for production lines, ensuring resilience against heavy machinery and facilitating a safe working environment.
  • Warehouses & Distribution Centres: Flooring that withstands high traffic and heavy loads, perfect for storage areas, aisles, and shipping areas, enhancing logistics operations.
  • Processing Facilities: Easy-to-clean and robust flooring suited for food processing plants, refineries, or paper mills, ensuring hygiene and safety compliance.
  • Construction Sites: Temporary flooring solutions for construction areas, offering durability and stability under diverse conditions.
  • Industrial Parks: Tailored options catering to multiple industries within designated zones, ensuring varied needs are met efficiently.
  • Research & Development Centres: Innovative flooring solutions promoting a conducive environment for experimentation and creativity.
  • Energy & Utility Plants: Resilient flooring for power plants, water treatment facilities, and renewable energy sites, meeting specific safety and functional demands.
  • Agricultural Settings: Flooring suited for farm structures and processing units, providing durability against agricultural activities.
  • Mining & Extraction Sites: Heavy-duty flooring solutions capable of withstanding harsh conditions, ensuring safety and functionality in mining operations.
  • Transportation & Logistics Hubs: Flooring solutions supporting the movement of goods, from ports and airports to rail yards, ensuring durability and safety.

Each industrial setting presents unique challenges, and PlusFloor's industrial-grade solutions are tailored to meet these challenges effectively, offering not only durability and functionality but also contributing to a safer and more efficient working environment.