What's next for carpet tiles?

February 07, 2023 2 min read

What's next for carpet tiles?

     The carpet tile industry has projected growth of over 4.5% over the next five years, with a spike in sales after the Covid-19 pandemic. Originating from households that needed durable, hardwearing flooring, the modest carpet tile has grown from strength to strength over the past 50 years; it is now considered to be the most popular choice in workplaces.

Carpet tiles are often considered a more favourable solution in office spaces for their stain resistance, sound absorbency, fire-retardancy and hard-wearing construction. Aside from their physical qualities, carpet tiles are equally preferred in heavy-footfall areas for their ease of installation for fitters and their flexibility once laid to uplift, replace, and recycle.

With contributing factors such as mental health and the economic recession putting financial and emotional strain on homeowners, we are beginning to see more and more remote workers making the move back to office spaces. Serviced offices such as WeWork have become increasingly popular with workers and employers alike. Popular for their casual and relaxed working environment, services offices encourage community co-working whilst keeping renting overheads to a minimum.

“We are hearing from Interior Designers that there is becoming less of a demand for home offices and a shift back from open-plan living to a modular, purpose-specific’ layout with homeowners spending more time out of the house.”

Kyra Ediss –Project Consultant at Plusfloor

Despite the shift in working preferences, there still is a heavy influence from the result of the pandemic, such as a desire for bringing Biophilic elements into workplace design using light, planting and materials. Our collections have been refined to help designers with zoning in office spaces through colour, design, and tile shape.

“Over the coming months, we have some exciting new collections in the pipeline which will be strengthening the Plusfloor range. We’ve incorporated market research with trends and product innovation to create five new core carpet tile ranges.”

Lincoln Gibson –Projects Director at Plusfloor


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